• Wall tile in white clay type metro tile. Measurements 5×25 cm.
  • Double-fired handmade tile made with natural glazes.
  • Turquoise color with play of light and dark tones. The same color that the sea takes on a sandy bottom.
  • Gloss finish. Soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • Long and slender format. Ideal for vintage and rustic style environments.
  • Slightly irregular edge and surface. The base of the piece is straight for a perfect placement with spacer tile crosses.
  • Suitable for interior walls or terraces protected from frost. Residential or commercial use.
  • Perfect to combine with terracotta, marble or parquet.




Decoration bathrooms, kitchens and terraces

5×25 cm tile, with a manual appearance, which has the same range of glazed gloss colors as the previous collection. Retro or vintage in style, it is reminiscent of the tile used on Manhattan buildings in the early 20th century. They look like old tiles due to their shape and shade variation. The intense variety color of the tiles – very much in current taste – creates such a special contrast that it is not possible to find anything similar in any catalog of bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles. If you are looking for ideas in artistic ceramics to decorate a bathroom, a kitchen or the facade of a terrace, be sure to look at these tiles.