Fraud Blocker

South Storm


  • White clay wall tile. Subway tile type. Measure 5×25 cm.
  • Handmade tile in double firing made with natural enamels.
  • Grey color of storm clouds. With intense variation of tones.
  • Soft matte finish that is pleasant to the touch.
  • Long and slender format. Ideal for bathroom and kitchen renovations in a loft, industrial and vintage style and to combine with terracotta, marble, parquet and hydraulic tiles.
  • Slightly irregular edge and surface. Base of the piece straight  for a perfect placement with spacer tiles crosses.
  • Suitable for interior walls or terraces protected from frost. Residential or commercial use.





5×25 cm.

Our two vintage matte finish collections (South End and North End) take their name from these two historic and picturesque neighborhoods in the city of Boston. Like the buildings of that city, the color palette of this collection is very much to the taste of the Anglo-Saxon world, but our tiles have, like the streets of the North End and South End, an irregular appearance and a creative mixture of tones as the Italians and Irish people who populated those neighborhoods. The colors of both collections are exactly the same, that is, the only difference between them is the format, with the North End pieces measuring 5x50cm and the South End pieces 5x25cm. The length of the 5×50 cm pieces allows both a spectacular herringbone arrangement – very original for kitchens and bathrooms – and a horizontal arrangement without keeping the symmetry of the joint. For the 5×25 cm we propose a loft-style presentation, with the pieces aligned parallel both vertically and horizontally, ideal for modern bathrooms.