Fraud Blocker



  • Cladding in white clay, metro type tile. Size 5×25 cm.
  • Crackle handmade tile, each piece is unique. Manufactured with traditional glazes.
  • Blue colour with shade variation. The ocean in summer.
  • Authentic gloss crackle finish.
  • Elongated and slender format. Ideal for bathroom and kitchen renovations in vintage and rustic style.
  • Slightly irregular edge and surface. Straight base of the piece for a perfect installation with spacer tiles crosses.
  • Suitable for interior walls or terraces protected from water and frost. Residential or commercial use.
  • Note: Cracked products must always be protected with sealing products before grouting. Amadis recommends Fila MP/90






Tiles for kitchen and bathroom

Authentic crackle finish, manufactured on a 5×25 cm format ceramic support with the appearance of old or handcrafted tiles, that is: with irregular edges and surfaces. The range of colors includes six colors in total, of which Ocean and Lagoon have shade variation because they are made of a very thick glaze that accumulates more color in the lower parts of the irregular surface, giving this a very nice shade variation. This is the traditional and artisanal method of creating colors variation – partly uncontrolled – instead of using digital printers.