Fraud Blocker



  • Wall tiles in white clay, subway tile. Measure 6.5×13 cm.
  • Double-fired handmade tile made with natural glazes.
  • Warm white colour. Moonlight.
  • Gloss finish. Soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • Small and well-proportioned format; nice to look at. Ideal for bathroom and kitchen renovations in rustic and vintage style.
  • Slightly irregular edge and surface. Base of the piece straight for a perfect placement with spacer tiles crosses.
  • Suitable for tiling interior walls or terraces protected from frost. Commercial and residential use.





Tiles for decorating bathrooms, kitchens and terraces.

The Seville collection is made up of six colours: five of them gloss and one matte. It is a 6.5×13 cm format tile with a very rustic appearance. In addition to its small size (sweeter and more elegant than the usual 7.5×15), the eight pieces with different surfaces and edges are also characteristic, faithfully imitating the handmade tile. The enamel accumulates depending on the relief and the amount added, creating very beautiful accumulations of color. The colors are inspired by the winter of the Andalusian countryside, they are, in general, of a moderate intensity: Roca gris, verde OlivoMonte pardo, Cal Mate for walls, Luna White and Río Blue.