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Ice crackle


  • White clay wall tiles, size 15.5×17 cm.
  • Crackle handmade tile, each piece is unique. Made with traditional glazes.
  • Pure white gloss color. No shade variation.
  • Authentic gloss crackle finish. Palette that alternates some uniform colors and others with intense shade variation with accumulations of enamel on the edge.
  • Medium sized scale, beautiful to look at and easy to install. Ideal for rustic and vintage style reforms.
  • Suitable for interior walls or terraces protected from water and frost. Residential or commercial use.
  • Note: Cracked products must always be protected with sealing products before grouting. Amadis recommends Fila MP/90.







Scale tile, measures 15.5 x 17 cm in a gloss crackle finish.

The fish scale tile is a decorative motif in the ART DECÓ style recovered by Amadís to create a new collection with a vintage look. The crackle enamel makes each piece different and gives it that touch of handmade and natural ceramics typical of Amadís products.
The range of colors is the same as that of our Brick Crackle Collection in 5×25 cm. There are six colors, of which the two lightest (Ice and Light Ivory) are uniform, the two intermediate ones (Turtledove and Willow) have a slight variation in tone and the two darkest (Lagoon and Ocean) present very intense tone contrasts. . These differences in tone are especially visible at the edges of the piece, where the accumulation of glaze is greater and intentionally draws a beautiful frame around the contour of each tile. The scale tile allows several possible placements depending on the style you want for your bathroom or kitchen, you just have to imagine…