Fraud Blocker



  • White clay cladding, metro type tile. Measurements 6,5×13 cm.
  • Crackle handmade tile, each piece is unique, made with traditional glazes.
  • Another of the traditional “Victorian Colours”, but with more contrast. More salt and pepper.
  • Authentic crackle gloss finish. Soft to the touch. Vivid and artistic colours.
  • Small and well proportioned format; nice to look at. Ideal for bathroom and kitchen renovations in rustic and vintage style.
  • Slightly irregular edge and surface. Straight base of the piece for a perfect installation with spacer tile crosses.
  • Suitable for interior walls or frost-protected terraces. Commercial residential use.
  • Note: Cracked products must always be protected with sealing products before grouting. Amadis recommends Fila MP/90.





Kitchen and bathroom tiles

Seville’s own characteristics become even more evident in Seville Crackle – it is inspired by the summer in southern Spain. The crackle glaze – like the sun – increases the brilliance and intensity of the colour. The rustic effect is also multiplied by playing with different colour concentrations in the glaze, as it has the effect of a very accentuated contrast of tones. It is also a commitment to the return of warmth to home decoration. The result is spectacular: nature and life crystallised in a tile. Six colours: water from the coast and the high seas (Bahía e Indiano), earth from the « arena » and the countryside (Albero and Caramelo), green from « romero » and cork oaks (Victoria) and white from whitewashed villages (Caleta).