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Amadis Brutalist INDIGO CRACKLE
azulejo tipo metro BRUTALIST INDIGO

Brutalist Crackle Indigo


  • Zellige white clay tile type. Size 3,8X23,5 cms.
  • Double-fired handmade tile made with natural reactive glazes.
  • Blue between cobalt and navy.
  • Glossy finish. Soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • Elongated and slender format. Ideal for vintage, industrial and rustic style environments.
  • Very irregular edge and surface, colour contrast and strong relief contrast between the pieces.
  • Suitable for interior walls or terraces protected from frost. Residential or commercial use.
  • Perfect to combine with hydraulic tiles, terracotta, aged marble or stripped parquet.



Tiles for kitchen and bathroom

Wall tile zellige effect, size 3.8×23.5 cm. (1.5×9.25 inches). Each color has 9 different surfaces with an irregular and worn look that create an intentional contrast of color and relief among the pieces. twenty-one  different colors are available in three finishes: glossy, matt and crackle.  Discover the beauty of imperfection.

In the Crackle finish, Coralito and Agatha colors both crackle evenly. The rest of the colors have reactive enamels and crackle in a wider, more uneven and less evident way at the beginning, becoming  more even as time goes by.