Fraud Blocker

Bone Crack


  • Red clay wall tile. Subway tile type. Measure 7.5×15 cm.
  • Double-fired handmade tile, made with natural enamels.
  • Color between ivory and cream.
  • Authentic crackle gloss finish, each piece is unique.
  • Convex format (padded effect). It is a new version of the subway tile, but without a bevel.
  • Ideal for vintage, Nordic and industrial bathroom and kitchen renovations.
  • Straight base, curved and smooth surface.
  • Suitable for interior walls or terraces protected from frost.
  • Not suitable for steam cabins (steam showers).
  • Note: Cracked products must always be protected with sealing products before grouting. Amadis recommends Fila MP/90.




Tiles for kitchen and bathroom

It is the same quilted shape as the Essentials collection, but it is a tile with an authentic crackle effect, a greater depth in the glaze and a more intense gloss. No two tiles are the same, each one cracks at its whim. There are four colors, all of them in the 7.5×15 cm format.