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Newport Bay 5x50

Bay crackle


  • Wall tile in white clay ,type metro tile . Measurements 5×50 cm
  • Double-fired handmade tile made with natural glazes.
  • The incredible clear turquoise color of the Caribbean waters. Our most special enamel.
  • Gloss finish. Soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • Long and slender format. Ideal for vintage and rustic style environments.
  •  Slightly irregular edge and surface. Base of the piece straight  for a perfect placement with tile cross pacer.
  • Suitable for interior walls or terraces protected from frost. Residential or commercial use.
  • Perfect to combine with terracotta, marble or parquet.




5×50 cms.

It is the longest small format tile on the market (5×50 cm), which makes it an innovative product highly demanded by architects and designers who are always looking for something different. It combines the look of a handmade tile (slightly irregular edges and surface) with the length of a modern tile, making it ideal for commercial projects with a vintage look and an underground touch. It is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms as well as decorative walls in other parts of the house. There are six colors in gloss, all pieces except Cloud (white have moderate tonal variation.